Welcome to Counselor's Corner

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     We are all living in unprecedented times.  Fear, anxiety and anger are just some of the emotions we are experiencing on a daily basis.  Everyone is being asked to make tremendous sacrifices personally, professionally and as a country at large.  Your children; our students, are equally feeling the emotional burden of this pandemic and quarantine. The counseling team here at 202 understands many of the challenges you are facing and we are here to help the MS 202 community as best we can. We all have families and children of our own, and are experiencing many of the same challenges as all of you. We have launched the counselor’s corner on our school website in hopes of providing some valuable resources to you.  There are tips on talking to your child about the pandemic and various other resources.  Patience, consistency, honesty and  optimism are some important tools in dealing with your children during these uncertain times.  This is easier said than done and we understand.  However, having honest conversations with your children is important.  They don't need to know every fact and statistic about the virus, but you can explain to them the overall situation.  Let them hear it from you, and not from social media. Be consistent with their day as best you can, and develop routines where possible. Kids crave routine, and excel in them.  Be patient with them and try your best not to let your emotions take over.  Lastly, try to remain optimistic and let your children know this will not last forever.  Share your calm, share your strength and share your laughter with your children.  Remember, this too shall pass.


You can email any of the counselors with questions, and we would be happy to call or email you back.  We will all get through this together!


6th Grade - Mr. Lawler blawler2@schools.nyc.gov

7th Grade - Ms. Lafroscia  ALaFroscia@schools.nyc.gov

8th Grade - Ms. Lopez  Blopez16@schools.nyc.gov